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A typical Divorce, paternity action, or modification can cost each party thousands of dollars of legal fees and months of stress and confrontation.  However, not every person's divorce or paternity action needs to be this way.  In certain situations, an uncontested divorce or paternity action would end up in the best possible result for all parties involved, especially children.

Here at, you will be represented by an attorney, who will understand the issues of your case, the agreement between the parties, and will draft the necessary documents and go to Court with you to finalize your divorce or paternity action as quickly and as painlessly as possible.  This is not a do-it-yourself online divorce kit.  You will speak with real Houston family attorneys, stay in contact with real attorneys, have your documents drafted by real attorneys, and have those attorneys accompany you to Court to finalize your case.  The family law attorneys at understand that not every divorce should take months and cost the client thousands of dollars.  Contact a Houston divorce lawyer today to see if you qualify for an uncontested divorce or paternity action in Houston or surrounding areas today.  

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